Asia Pacific Union For Housing Finance


The e-platform will act as a knowledge sharing and networking platform. The platform will also promote coalition and coordination among the South Asia countries in determining their housing and housing finance solutions. The platform will be Region Centric with emphasis on South Asia on issues relating to housing and housing finance. The platform will also capture and include events and happenings globally on its site relevant for the housing market in the South Asia Region. To begin with, the e-platform will cover some of the recent events viz. World Bank conference in Jakarta along with all the presentations made by various speakers. The site will be further populated with the recommendations of the conference (which are being prepared by the different member countries who participated in coordination with their country-specific institution).

The site will also include other events and outcomes of various initiatives taken by the different member countries in their own regional contexts. Further, this will also be supplemented with conferencing inputs amongst the member countries and the outcomes/recommendations thereof.